Dionne Warwick 2013

Yesterday in my “Ensayo crítico” class that some of UCA´s teachers are taking, Joaquin -a Social Communication professor- came up to me and asked me what “Don´t make me over” meant. I was caught off guard in the middle of my creation of a thesis statement for an essay that we are to turn in this month. I supposed he was talking about the song written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, and made famous by singer Dionne Warwick in the 1960´s. I couldn’t remember the lyrics but I knew I had heard it many times. I told him that it meant don’t try to change me. Accept me the way I am. Well, I guess the best way to understand the meaning, I explained, is by listening to the song.

Anyway, the next day, he told everyone that his essay would be about the songs that had affected his life in one way or another. Songs that had touched his heart or took him back in a specific time of his life. I thought of three of my songs that took me back to places and situations myself. What a great idea he had given me. I had now a new activity for my classes: 3 songs that have touched your life. I will start this activity today, in Smarty Pants. Can you tell me which three songs take you back in time? Which song reminds you of a special moment? A special love maybe?

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My two conversation courses were united on saturdays.


Saturday Advanced Conversation students

Our first term is over and I feel as if It`s been a whole lifetime. I was juggling with social communication, business administration, a tutoring class and two conversation classses. It was all just hustle and bustle. I saw students come and go. I saw them laugh and I witnessed their growth. It was a satisfying experience, yet I know there is still much more to come. My words to you, my dear all, is to always challenge yourselves. Remember that good is never enough.  For those who will still be at UCA, I will see you around. For those who have left, never forget to practice your English.   For all,  please do keep in touch. Remember my facebook? Well if you don`t, here`s my link:

I  miss you and keep you all in my heart. 


Students that graduated from the College Horizon Program (CHOP)

The gringos and my Social communication students practicing their English.


The gringos also taught us how to do a plank

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After 13 years teaching at UCA, I’ve finally found the way to keep in touch with my students through the world wide web. Smarty Pants is the place where I`ll post all types of interesting stuff that I find for you, my students. I will upload readings, links, videos, pictures, useful resources and much more…. just for you to practice your English. If you have any suggestions of topics or material that you would like to find here, just leave your comments. Any Comments? Suggestions?  Anyone?

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