Should L1 (Spanish) be used in EFL classes?

There is no question that we sometimes use our mother tongue or a first language to learn a second language or a foreing language. Vivian Cook (2001) writes about the mother tongue in EFL classes as “a door that has been firmly shut in language teaching for over a hundred years.” Should L1 (Spanish for instance) be used in English language learning? When Students come to class they come loaded with a language, they have acquired one language at least and master its use.  Students already master at least one language which can serve as a tool to maximize foreign language learning. Then the question is not whether to use L1 in EFL but when, how, and why to use it. Should we use their mother tongue or their first language as a tool or as a starting point to teach a foreign language, English as an example?

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3 Respuestas a Should L1 (Spanish) be used in EFL classes?

  1. Diana dijo:

    In my opinion, our first language is very important in our learning. It’s a necessary tool when we learning other language. For example we need it when wish to understand or explain something important.

  2. isuazo dijo:

    How and when do you think Spanish should be used in your Conversation Class?

  3. Maryuri Gutiérrez dijo:

    Well I think it’s a good idea because our mother tongue is Spanish so we can use it as a tool for us to understand the foreign language we are learning

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