Are all the students the same?

Types of learners

learning_typesWhen I first started teaching, I thought all my students were going to learn the same way, but how mistaken I was!!!! As a teacher I need to know the way my students learn in order to help them. Looking for information about the types of learners and the way to present the information we teach, I found very good websites that present excellent ideas.

There are 3 types of learners: visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.


  • Visual learners learn primarily through the written word.
  • They tend to be readers who diligently take down every word.


  • Auditory learners learn primarily through listening.
  • They focus their ears and attention on your words, listening carefully to everything you say.
  • They like to talk rather than write and relish the opportunity to discuss what they’ve heard.


  • Kinesthetic learners learn better by doing.
  • This group learns best when they can practice what they are learning.
  • They want to have their hands on the keyboard, the hammer, or the test tube because they think in terms of physical action.

How can I present the information of the class to the different types of students?


Visual learners: Write it!!!

  • provide written materials and exercises
  • Write key words on board or flip chart
  • Ask them to write a response
  • Use visuals or graphics
  • Ask them to be recorder in a group
  • Involve them through visual/spatial sense

Auditory learners: Say it!!!

  • State the information
  • Ask audience to describe specific info
  • Provide discussion periods
  • Encourage questions
  • Foster small group participation
  • Utilize audiovisuals and CDs

Kinesthetic learners: Demonstrate it!!!

  • Demonstrate how a principle works
  • Ask them to practice the technique
  • Encourage underlining and highlighting key words
  • Provide real-life simulations
  • Offer hands-on activities
  • Involve them physically

Teaching is an art and as artists, we have to give the best to share what we love!!! By knowing the way our students learn, we are helping them more to overcome the obstacles in the learning process.

What else can you say about types of learners?

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  1. karina dijo:

    I consider that identifying our students’ learning style can help us to become their English learning process a little bit easier. This is because once we know how they learn we can find activities they like and the rest of their learning won’t be too stressful. It’s also important that although students know their preference, we as teachers must encourage them to practice the other types of learning styles, so they can develop all their skills.

  2. Lea Venecia Silva dijo:

    We as teachers need to know our students so well because we have to know what kind of intelligent they have in order to provide them a class in which they will feel comfortable. At the same time, they will feel that are understanding and improving their English in each activity that we as a teacher have to adapt according to their needs. it can be a huge challenge for us, but at the same time this will be rewarding for us when a student is improving her/his English in the way they like it.

  3. Alvaro Cornejo!!! dijo:

    I believe one of the challenges that we have as a teacher is, first, to identify correctly the type of students we have in the classroom. I really support the idea of making a diagnotic test to our students so we can prepare our class with better material that will make the learning process more effective.

    Second, A well-balanced, intelligent child is able to develop all three types of learning styles.Just because a child has a dominant learning style doesn’t mean that the other types can’t be improved, It’s our job to help our students to inprove in all the learning styles, so they can learn faster and effectively.

    Finally,It is important for teachers to understand which of these three learning styles they prefer as learners themselves, because the preferred learning style tends to become a teacher’s preferred style of teaching. Implement variety in your lessons can make the diffence.

  4. Henrry Jarquin dijo:

    I have always thought that we all are VAK learners. It is true that some people can have stronger abilities in one area but it doesn´t mean that those people just learn by that mean. We are able to learn through different ways, so in our classes we should have a variety of activities or different ways to explain something to the students. I agree with Darzée when she says that we can have the students do a “diagnostic test” to know what type of learners they are; however, we should implement a variety of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic etc., activities in the class so that our students could not only learn through the way they like but also help them to develop some other ways of learning.

  5. Milton Javier Saenz Herrera dijo:

    I totally agree with the reading ”types of learners” . we as future teachers and some of us who are teaching currently we have to find out in our classes what type of students we have . In my point of view I consider we start knowing our students when they introduce themselves in the first day of class.when they say who they are where they come from and what their names are. In that moment we can ask them what they would like to do in tclass. some students would participate and would say they would like to have presentations, role-plays in that moment the one who said that we notice they are auditory learners, another would say they would like to play in class. in short, we start knowing what types of learners we have by asking what they would like to do in class.
    I consider myself as visul learner because everything I realeated with pictures and in presentations i post a lot of picture and then i explain them. i dont like to write a lot in order to explain something i just put images in order to remember what im going to say..
    I discovered that I’m visul learner in language acquision class with Mister Suazo because he asigned me to bring slides presentation and all the presentation was covered by images and few words. 🙂 wrote SaenzHerreraMilton

  6. Claribex Alegria Lumbi dijo:

    I just wanted to say that I am in love with this article*****
    All that has to do with types of learners keep me really interested. I am auditory learner just 80% and I am also visual just 20%. And the article mentions some things that I usually do: I usually prefer written materials and exercises, I write key words in my notebook and I always want a reason. I learned English listening to music by the way.
    However I did not know how to use my experience when teaching so I decided to read more about this and put into practice everything. A good example is that even though my students are not kids I always have my classroom full of bright materials and postcards, I do this for the visual ones. For the auditory students I always have interesting songs with good messages. For the kinesthetics I bring good warm ups according to topic we are studying.
    Thanks teacher for this interesting and helpful articles.. I love you..

  7. Well i consider that the process of learning of everybody is different, the teacher need to know what kind of learners students are. Visuals learners depend on the images and the materials that the teacher provides them, and kinesthetic learn by doing (dialogs, role-plays, games etc.) auditory learners by listening. But what happen if the teacher has students with these characteristics i think that teacher needs to use different strategies, and not focus in one. I have had an experience with children, they are kinesthetic learners because they feel good working and doing different activities, but this is my doubt, if my students has these characteristic how can i teach them and facilitate them the class? 🙂

  8. Ronny Alberto Lara dijo:

    Also, we have to help students play different roles, have them doing, and demostrating. Learning depends a lot on teachers, that is why we have to spend time doing research and knowing the activities we can use to involve, engage, and do every activity we assign them. If students like what they do, there a huge possibility they will really learn. To sum up, we do not have to think that all our students will learn the same way or the same amount of information, we as facilitators have to help them learning through different activities.

  9. Denissa Estrada dijo:

    According with an article that I read this emphasize that most people learn best through a combination of the three types of learning styles, but everybody is different and I think that is true because some learners have a clear preference for one, and I believe that teacher role is to adapt and incorporate teaching methods but first he or she has to test all the learners because at this way teacher could noticed how are the different style of learning that his/her students can have, however there are some teachers who make the mistake or by lack of information they just focus on one style of learning, for that reason some leaners don’t process the information and don’t have good results because they aren´t motivated also teachers have to take into account the student’s needs .

    I was researching and I read information about it and some articles appear that there are more types of learners how they learn too with these two more for instance, the first one is the reading and writing learner this learner is able to process the information taking notes, reading the text or summarize reading. The second one is environmental learners this consists when some factors are happening in their environment for instance; some learners learn better when it is bright while others are bothered by excessive light also when temperature it is too hot or cold this has bad result because some learns cannot be concentrated and Some learners may prefer to sit quietly, while others prefer to be allowed to move around freely. If movement is not permitted because of the risk of possible distraction, these learners can be appeased if they are allowed chew gum, squeeze a stress ball, or tap their feet.

    Teacher Graciela I really like this fruitful information because for me it is a great challenge to teach different types of leaners and I will keep in mind all learning style and won’t make the mistake just emphasizing on one strategy my role will be implement activities that students can be involved.

  10. Ronny Alberto Lara dijo:

    With this reading we could refresh some of the background knowlegde we had about types of learners. With this in mind, we can use this information in the practices that we are giving and also in our future classes. It is important to always remember that in the classroom we will have different kind of learners. That is why we do not have to focus just in a specific kind of activities. We as teachers have the responsability to work really hard in order to look for different activities. Besides, we have to be really good teachers because we will have to say everything very clear for the auditory learners, look for realia, visuals, and videos for those visual learners.

  11. Since we decided to become teachers, we need to be aware that our students are different in many ways, especially the way they learn.
    that`s why, we must find out what type of learner our students are in order to help them to acquire the language.
    Based on my experience as a learner, I consider my-self a visual and kinesthetic, because is easier for me to learn by doing, but there are students who are auditory and kinesthetic or visual and auditory and so on. So, the question is; what does the teacher has to do In order to make their students to achieve success if the students learn differently?
    First of all, I think that teachers have to be tolerant and make use of a wild variety of activities and lessons that could involve the type of learners, because teachers might have their own style at the moment of teaching, they were students, they had their own way of learning and it doesn`t mean that they are going to teach in the way they learned. That`s why we have to be open minded and ready to know or identify those type of learners and able to work with them.
    This web side might help you to understand better the characteristics and definitions of the type of learners. checks it out!!

  12. Eliette Morales dijo:

    I think that as a teacher we need to know our student in order to know what type of learners they are. In the classroom it is more than logic that we will not have one type of learner, which mean that as teacher we will need to of a variation of activity to fit our students needs. The idea of presenting this information about the different types of learners is usefull to us as teacher, this will help us to look at our students as individuals with individuals needs. As a teacher we can help our visaul and auditory learners by using videos and songs with images. On the other hand with the kinesthetic learners we can take them outside, we can have them build stuff, we can have them do role plays or they can even paint a scene base on a story.

  13. Auxiliadora guzman dijo:

    Teacher I think as many teachers I can not change the way my students learn. I am teaching and my students are all differents, ones consider my class not actractive for them because they need I explore others type of teaching because they learn different.
    I am doing some changes and a have to do like a mixt, in activity I should include the three types of learning: visual, auditorial and kinesthetic in order to involve all the students in my class. I am a visual learner I saw a pictures and I remenber, I try to connect the visual elements to use in my learning process. I am not auditorial learner, defenitively I get sleep when a teacher is talking, and talking. these type of learning to me is boring.

  14. As teachers we need to know the learning styles of students, to develop strategies and implement instructional techniques in the best way possible, to choose a suitable style of teaching we must know the learning styles. But, one sad reality is that we will not have enough time to know each student, so, we will be prepare our lessons plan with different type activities, for example listening, reading, performing, graphics and that will make the class to be better, different and really dynamic and exciting,too.
    In short, I believe that developing different activities in the classroom it is really important because, students can improve and the teacher will have the opportunity to meet and help them, in order to achieve efficient outcomes in students.

  15. Maria Belen Gutierrez Amela dijo:

    When I read this article I felt so much related to it. Part of my personal experience when I learned English involves a lot of visual and auditory learning.When I started to learn about the multiple inteligences (which I believe is very related to this topic too.) , I was amazed by such a fascinating topic. Now that I´m teaching at a classroom , I´m trying to incoporate a little about this aspects. Something that could help us out to achieve success is: that after we get to know our students and we figure out “what is their deal”(what type of learners they are) we could even divide the class in three groups (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) and prepare a set of activities that are related to evrey type of learning to teach the same topic . . I tend to think that getting to know our students is a very important part of our roles as teaches,and this will help us to measure our success or failure.We all know we all are different in many ways, even in the way we learn. So if we take into account the way every student learns and we include in our lesson plans activities that involve every aspect such as: visual, auditory and kinesthetic we will have great results.

  16. Alejandra Amador dijo:

    I think we as teachers have a big responsibility, which is to create classes with different activities for our students,for them to learn in the easiest way. we need to identify what are the activities that facilitate English language acquisition and which are not. That’s why it is very important know our students, to help them in their learning. 🙂

  17. Grace Aragon dijo:

    I consider myself as a combination of two types of learners. This is due to the fact that I am always trying to learn in different ways since I know that in the classroom I might have different types of learner as well. I like visuals especially when they are really colorful. I recently realized that most of my students from the teaching practices like this type of learning and that is what they call “chayo colors”, so is really nice to join my likes with them. I am also a kinesthetic learner, I like when my learning has a lot of fun because I enjoy it and in that way I learn faster. My students also like this type of learning, they want me to perform some role-play and ask them to do it as well. I also like imitate some people with my voice and I have noticed that my student like it and enjoy it a lot. I do not care if somebody thinks I am a clown, what I really care is my students enjoy the class so that they can learn a lot. I am passionate by my students, and I totally agree that teaching is an art.

    Thanks teacher for sharing this!!!

  18. francis urbina dijo:

    Of course not all the students are the same in terms of learning. Most of the students dont have the same capacity to learn by visual, auditory or kinesthetic, so as a teacher is our responsability to know which of these types of learning are the best to put into practice. some methods appear to be more effective than others thats why is our job to try it until we find the correct one for students in order to help them. However , we should try to include these types of learning in our lesson plan to have a better learning process.!!

  19. Isamara Hernandez dijo:

    It is important to know how our students learn best because of this depends our class. For example I´m not going to give to all my students a 20 page reading if they are kinesthetic because I´ll know that they will be bored.
    Through my experience I know that it is really hard to paid attention to every student who has different kind of learning because most of them could be auditory, a minority could be visual and just one student could be kinesthetic. Nevertheless in some way it is almost an obligation for the teacher to figure it out because student´s learning depends on it. For example I considered myself kinesthetic because I learn more doing that just listen or reading and also because I get bored if I´m just sitting down. So, I have seen that most of my teachers were taking to account all of that kind of details in each students, so they combined these elements (auditory, visual, kinesthetic) to make an interesting class and it worked.
    When I remember a terrible class, it is because the way of teacher teach like my History class. The teacher was just giving information; it was just for auditory and visual as a result most of the students were bored and talking about something else. That is why I considered important to take into account the different types of learners when a teacher is preparing his/her lesson plan.

  20. denissa dijo:

    According with an article that I read this said that “most people learn best through a combination of the three types of learning styles, but everybody is different” , I think that is true because some students have a clear preference for one, however the roles of the teacher is identified what are the styles of learning that have in his/her classroom because in this way teacher won’t be any difficult and teacher will know the student’s needs but exist some teachers don´t emphases or by lack of information they don’t implement these different style of learning just focus on one as a result some students don´t have good result of learning.

    Also, I was researching and reading other articles and there are more types of learners, such as environmental learners this type of learner process the information recognizing, categorizing and drawing upon certain features of the environment. The second one is the reading and writing learner this learner get the information taking notes reading text or summarize reading.

    For me these all information that you teacher Graciela share with us is so important and fruitful because as a future teacher, we have to keep in mind that is a great challenge to incorporate or adapt different style of learning with activities that can help with the process of learning of our students because we have to remember that not all the learners process the information in just one way.

    Thank U teacher Graciela 

  21. Itza Vargas dijo:

    Sometimes, large classes become a wall in learning a language what is common in public schools. Maybe teachers are dynamic, but there is no space to make their students move around, make circles or work in groups. Also, they do not have data projectors, tape recorders or any other thing that can help them to teach in a different way. There are cases in which schools prohibit that teachers take students out of the classroom, so the lesson becomes uninteresting because what teachers have to do is write on the board or dictate. What about the kinesthetic students? They are considered as bad students, but actually they may be as good as the other students the only thing is that these students learn in a different way and they get bored if they just are sitting on the chair.

  22. Ena Mairena dijo:

    I think that the diferent learning styles are essential in order to know our students. But there is also something that the article did not mention, as future teachers we can find some students that might possess a mixture of the three learning styles. I consider myself one of this type of students. I like learning things by watching to them, I also like hearing things and sometimes is easy to get them just by listening. And I like doing movements or touching things to learn them easier. If students did no have a special type of learning, I think teaching would not be as intersting as it is. For me having different types of learning is like an open door to the teacher because he/she can have a wide variation in their classes.

  23. ingrid casaya dijo:

    All the students are really differents not all the students have the same level or the same way of think. I consider that first of all we have to do some activities in order to know something about them, what are their likes and dislikes for example and with that information we could plan our classes better or have a short conversation with them, give them the opportunity to express their opinions, feelings and believes. As teacher we have to know them and find the best way to teach them the best techniques and apply it because in a classroom all the students are completely differents some of them are visual learners, auditory or kinesthetic so we have to create a variaty of activities and try to do our best job our best effort in order to help them.

  24. saul vanegas ferrey dijo:

    I consider that is very important to know the different capacities each of our student because each student respond to different way a stimuli. acording to “Gardner 1983” exist seven type of inteligences: musical/rhythmical, verbal/linguistic, visual/spatial, bodily/kinaesthetic, logical/mathematical, interpersonal and intrapersonal. we as a futures teachers have to recognize the individual inteligence of each student and so know what activities can apply to help our students in their learning.

  25. Angelica dijo:

    We know that exist different types of learners however some of them are not able to demonstrate what they can do. For example, it generally happens in public schools because teachers do not use activities that include body movement in order to help those kinesthetic learners. Teachers are used to be seated dictating and the students are just listening. In other cases, students are just writing all what teachers write on the board and because of this kinesthetic learners get bored. We as teacher have to be sure that activities we use in the classroom involve different learning style so that students get interested in learning the language.

  26. Idania Rodriguez dijo:

    I think one of the most important things a teacher has to do, will be to include different activities in the class in which every student can work in their strength area, in order to help the students to learn easily and efficiently. Another aspect I consider important to know is the personality of our learners, because this can also affect their learning and we as teachers need to know how to deal with it. After some research I found the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and is interesting to see how the types of learning can be influenced by our own student’s personalities. Is a really hard work getting to know our students so well and even more to take advantage of it, but results are rewarding.

  27. I consider myself a kinesthetic learner. Practice is one of the things that have helped me a lot to improve my Oral Language. When I was in the first year I didn’t pay attention to what the teachers were saying or explaining, but I needed to experience it. I needed something to start producing the language. When I started doing activities in class I thought: Ok, this is my way to learn. By doing! But after 3 years of complete involvement I have found that I need more than practice. I realized that I need to improve my interpretation skills, my oral production, and critical thinking as well. Because students are not looking for one single way to learn the language, but also to learn with different styles and improve every area of our skills.

  28. It is important to take into account that learners can have one especific learning style better developed than the others, but also we need to know that these learners can have others learning styles. By developing different activities in the classroom we ‘teachers’ realize that students have different ways to learn and acquire the language. If a student has one learning style well developed, it doesn’t mean that the others cannot be improved because we need to find their weakest parts of their learning process so they cannot only continue improving what they have, but also what they have not developed.

  29. silvia potoy dijo:

    the first time i went to a classroom to observe how teacher manage the class also i was observing each one of the students because i consider that is important to know how students learn in order to choose good activities to them feel involve in and of course when they feel engage they learn best.from the first day is difficult notice how many of the students are visual,auditory or kinesthetic but we could notice it by looking their faces, their eyes, and also their notebooks, by see their reactions or they are paying attention or highlighting words we know what kind of learners they are.

  30. Rubi Alejandra Amador Tuckler dijo:

    I just would like to mention something about the last movie we watched because it is related to this. Remember the guy who was learning about US government, he was easily motivated by the music and this help him to overcome the obstacle of boredom. He could remember the information since the way the girl scaffolded him was meaningfuld for him. I bet our students will also feel the same if we look for ways to help them learn.
    To Amanda: I believe from my own experience that a learner can have two or more ways to learn. Myself I love to move and also love to read, the reason why I feel engaged with this two things may mostly be related to the things I have had contact with, the people I have grown with or simply intrinsic motivation towards reading and movements.

  31. Rubi Alejandra Amador Tuckler dijo:

    As most of you have mentioned above, I think that knowing what type of learners we have will help us to prepare a lesson plan that will vary according to our students learning skills. Besides, we can easily engage students in activities which include writing activities, watching a video, having roleplays, but we need to make a connection so all students participate and at the same time they feel motivated by doing what they feel more related to. We know as teachers is a challenge to plan a lesson including all of this when we lack resources so is necessary to be creative and willing to know our students. We might not ask them directly what are their likes, but can infer that from the activities they perform and may or may not enjoy.

  32. Amanda Cuadra dijo:

    Teacher, do you think that a learner can have two ways of learning? Like being visual and kinesthetic?

  33. Amanda Cuadra dijo:

    In one of the websites (, I found a fourth type of learner. These learners are called: read-write learners. They prefer written information because they do not process or learn when the information is represented in charts, graphs, or by listening. They gain knowledge when they read and write the information. There are some exercises that teachers can use to help their learning process like:
     Present the information in list formats.
     Give them multiple choices tests to verify the absorption of the data.
     Reading and Writing Assignments.
     Give them time to take notes of the class because this will be another faster way for them to learn the information. They learn if they write the information by themselves.
    I identify myself with this type of learner. I feel that I learn faster when I write the information and when I read it. This is the way I understand better the information. Also, I think that is difficult to teach different type of learners, but not impossible. Maybe a way to teach them will be combining different exercises that include visual, auditory, kinesthetic and reading or writing activities.

    Thanks teacher for sharing this information with us. This will be really helpful in the future when I start working as a teacher. In the future classes I will be more careful with the activities I will use in the classroom.
    Teacher, do you think that a learner can have to ways of learning? Like being visual and kinesthetic?

  34. mariana arteaga dijo:

    According to what i have experienced not all the students are the same, we learn un diffenets ways, in my case I´m a visual learner, the same happens with our students and we should take into account that.
    As teachers she should identify what type of learner our students are and based on that try to develope different activities so that their learning be succesful

  35. mariana arteaga dijo:

    According to what i have experienced not all the students are the same, we learn un diffenets ways, in my case I´m a visual learner, the same happens with our students and we should take into account that.
    As teachers she should identify what type of learner our students are and based on that try to develope different activities so that their learning be succesful.

  36. Henrry Jarquin dijo:

    I totally agree with you, teacher. As future teachers we have to take into account that every student is a world; that they think, behave and learn in different ways. We should not see this as something bad but as an opportunity to overspread our creativity. Since we will not have the time to know each student, our lessons will have to be full of different type activities that require the observation, listening and performing, and that will make the class to be really dynamic.

    When we try to find out what type of learners our students are, we, unconsciously, help them to know themselves. They notice not only the things they like but also the ways they feel they learn better and faster. A great example of this is me, as a learner; i didn´t know what type of learner i was, but then, thanks to the activities that teachers prepared for the class, i realized that I’m a kinesthetic, visual, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic learner.

  37. Darzeé Irazema Mendieta Reñazco. dijo:

    From my perspective as you said above, knowing what type of learners our students are is something essential, extremely important and definitely a must in our classrooms. What I love the most about the information is the fact that you give advices on what kind of activities we could do with our students in order to obtain better results. That being said, I would like to discuss an issue that we as teachers could face at the beginning of our courses, especially with large classes; How to find out what kind of learners we have in our class???? Well, I think we could prepare or create a Diagnostic test depending of course on the level and age of the students. We could set some multiple choice answer exercises or give them an example of an activity that we might assign in the future about a specific topic.

    1. Which of these resources would you find the most helpful to study?

    a. to record a song about the material and listen to it over and over again.
    b. to act out the material in a one person role play.
    c. to make a chart and diagram of the material on a large piece of paper.

    Another way is asking students about experiences that they’ve had in the past, ask them questions like:

    1. What kind of activities you find the most interesting in the classroom?
    2. Tell me about one activity that you remember you liked a lot in any class you had in the past institutions?
    3. Do you remember your favorite teacher in high-school, university or any other institution? What kind of activities he applied?

    I think this helps A LOOOOT because once we have the results we get to know our students and sometimes we can divide the class and assign different activities according to their preferences and even evaluate them this way. 😀 Also, if we are working with BEGINNERS the test could be IN SPANISH so they feel comfortable and free to write :). I would say that we should apply the test in Spanish to ALL the different levels but of course this DEPENDS ON THE TEACHER. 😀

  38. charly manuel mercado moraga dijo:

    they are a variety of learners in a classrooom , all of them with different capacities and skills to learn a new language or any other area they are studing , in most cases some students learn better that others , becouse they have more abilities , it doesnt mean they are more inteligent ,what they are is more interested in the area of learning . for some students is not easy to learn at the same level that others does , becouse sometimes they are shy , or maybe they dont like what they are studing . in my case im a vissual learner becouse i dont use to talk to much , but i have realize that i learn better when i read or watch something like a movie or the letter of a music.

  39. Marvin Lacayo dijo:

    MMMMM I do not think so, I do believe that we have better at doing something than other things and this apply for the way we study the target language.

  40. Marvin Lacayo dijo:

    I agree with this brief summary about the different types of learners for the fact that it is true in the every sense of the word we as teachers have to scan and notice what types of learners our students are from the very beginning when they go inside the classroom ´cause once we have the evidences we could apply a specific techique for these types of learners.
    I would like to add two extra types of learner to the list:
    a)interpersonal learners: they love interacting with others, learn best through group activities, like to socialize, share, compare, and relate.
    b)intrapersonal learners: like to work alone and have the capacity to self -discipline.
    To conclude, I am a kinestheric and an interpersonal learner due to I realize I like to run the risk it does not matter wherther I miss up or not I do it anyway. Moreover, I learn by different factors such as performing rather than visualizing, socializing rather than being isolated in the classroom, and the last but not the least being the interlocutor in a conversation.

  41. I really like this article! I did some research about the VAKT and it is pretty interesting. I believe, as you said before, we as teacher should try to create a lesson involving this as much as possible. It will all depend on our creativity. My uncle told me he atteneed a workshop where they had to create a lesson plan involving the VAKT at the same time, which seems pretty hard. it seems like a great challenge and that’s part of being a innovative teacher. Moreover, we have to think in our students! Instead of just doing research about tool we can use, we have to get to know our students better.

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